Nesbo’s Nemesis

If you haven’t read Jo Nesbo‘s Harry Hole series, what on earth are you waiting for? You think they’re too long? Nah. The pages fly by. Think you’ve had enough alcoholic detectives? Harry’s different. You think you’ve OD’d on Mankell and another gloomy Nordic detective is too much? He’s actually pretty funny at times. Witness this snip from Nemesis:

Given Waaler’s view on skin colour, it was a paradox for Harry that his colleague spent so much time in the solarium, but perhaps it was true what one wag had said: Waaler wasn’t actually a racist. He was just as happy beating up neo-Nazis as blacks.

I have yet to have the pleasure of reading this entry in the series, but I’m looking forward to it. Having read the first two to be translated into English, I know Nebso will deliver a thriller with rich characters, lots of action, and the grounding in social issues that Scandinavians seem to effortlessly incorporate into their entertainment. And don’t just take my word for it. Uriah predicts Nebso is on his way to becoming Europe’s top crime writer.

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.

2 thoughts on “Nesbo’s Nemesis

  1. I’m glad you mentioned Jo Nesbø’s lack of gloominess, which you could have highlighted in your previous post as well. Harry Hole may be the most severely alcoholic protagonist in crime fiction, yet his lack of self-pity and the sense of humor you cite mean gloom-seekers will find little in Nesbø’s novels.
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    “Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home”

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