more reviews . . .

Dick Adler of the Trib is impressed by The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, now that it’s finally reached the US market. In the UK, lucky Brits get to read Arnaldur Indridason’s latest Erlenedur novel, Arctic Chill, and The Telegraph recommends that they do.

Margaret Cannon of The Globe and Mail thinks Asa Larsson’s The Black Path is well worth following, but Richard Lipez of the Washington Post thinks it meanders too much.

And finally – OffMyTrolley thinks Karin Fossum’s Black Seconds is first rate.

4 thoughts on “more reviews . . .

  1. Off topic,but the recently concluded Festivaletteratura di Mantova (think Italy’s Hay-on-Wye)had a few panels on crime fiction,and one specifically dedicated to “The Masters of Scandinavian Murder”.
    Among the authors invited were Nesbo,Nesser,GW Persson, Maj Sjöwall and Anne Holt.

    Here‘s a Sjöwall interview,and here a brief overview of the crime events at the Festival with photos of Sjöwall and Persson.

    The interview doesn’t really break new ground,but there’s a humorous bit in which she says that,thanks to the recent crime fiction boom,you’ll be hard pressed to find a Swedish village lacking its very own fictional detective.



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