Not Just By Armchair

Petrona (aka Maxine Clarke) picked up on a recent Times travel piece on visiting Wallander’s Sweden that includes some gems (along with a great many recommendations on where to eat; mmm, I’m hungry…)

  • Some 15% of residents of Ystad have appeared in filmed versions of Henning Mankell’s series.
  • Ystad has had only one murder in seven years, but its fictional doppelganger has had over 100 murders in a similar period of time.
  • Wallander has a earned a clever nickname in England: Inspector Norse.
  • The new BBC production was filmed on site and is authentically Swedish, except for the pronunciation of its main character’s name.
  • Though the adjective “gloomy” is commonly used in reviews of Scandinavian crime fiction, the travel piece makes this part of Sweden sound quite attractive. Ystad has “a unique blend of sleepy civility and bleak splendour” and its beaches, wildflowers, and “sand forests” attract artists.

    Botswana might not have appealed as a tourist destination until readers were entranced by Alexander McCall Smith’s version. One wonders just how much the tourism industry benefits from mystery readers.

    photo courtesy of Jolantis

    3 thoughts on “Not Just By Armchair

    1. Ystad is a lovely town. I don’t know why a gloomy detective has to live in a miserable sort of place? If you are good at being gloomy, I’m sure you can manage it in the nicest of places.

    2. Apparently so! At least, Wallander is able to be glum in spite of the scenery.

      Iceland does, indeed, require all of us to rise to the occasion and buy as many Icelandic mysteries as we can immediately. 😉

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