Ali Karim on The Girl Who Played With Fire

Ali Karim has posted a thorough appreciation of the second book in Stieg Larsson’s trilogy over at The Rap Sheet. Clearly, the second book develops the main characters further and delves into even darker territory. For those who want to approach the book as a clean slate, you might want to avoid his detailed review. Suffice it to say he thinks it’s worth reading – enormously so.

I can say quite confidently that this second book is one of the greatest works of fiction, not just crime fiction. . . .

By the end of The Girl Who Played with Fire, I found myself practically tearing through the pages, as if hidden in the story were something as important as the secret to eternity. I’ve fallen so deeply in love with Stieg Larsson’s characters, that reading about their world seems far more true than what I see around me in these weird economic times.

I warn you, this story is not pretty. Not in the least. But it does pulse with insight and compassion, and it will haunt you for many weeks after you’ve put it down. If I read a finer book this year than The Girl Who Played with Fire, I shall consider myself extraordinarily lucky. American fans of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo might have a hard time waiting until the U.S. edition of Played with Fire comes out from Alfred A. Knopf/Borzoi in July. If you would like a taste of what’s to come, click here.

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