new reviews

The Reactions to Reading blog has a review of Anne Holt’s What is Mine (apa Punishment in the UK – the reviewer favors the US title, thinking it’s more clearly related to the book) and found that, while it has its flaws, the characters are memorable and the impact of violence in Norway is depicted in a thoughful way quite different than the way it is handled in the US, where violence is more common. Conclusion: “This book had a high degree of what I like to call unputdownability (i.e. it made me late for work) and, overall, the annoyances were forgivable.”

Kerrie reviews Henning Mankell’s The Pyramid at Mysteries in Paradise. She finds the collection of short stories that fill in Kurt Wallander’s past and declares it “eminently readable.” Not one for fans to miss.

. . . trying to do a better job of keeping up; thanks to my friends at FriendFeed for making it easy.

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