Friday linkout

La Trashionista does not usually read crime fiction, much less Scandinavian crime, but she quite liked Karin Alvtegen’s Shadow. She concludes, “the journey through the characters’ motivations is as rewarding as the results of their decisions.”

Robaroundbooks is also a fan of Karin Alvtegen’s books since reading The Shadow – and he points out a handy list for those who want to sample Scandinavian crime fiction – written by none other than Camilla Lackberg.  Her list of ten books includes Mind’s Eye by Hakan Nesser, Blackwater by Kerstin Ekman, Missing and Shame by Karin Alvtegen, Sun Storm by Asa Larsson, Johan Theorin’s Echoes from the Dead – and more. Most intriguing is Midvinterblod by Mons Kallentoft – “As well as a terrific plot, this book also has one of the best-realised female heroines I’ve read by a male writer. It’s not yet translated into English, but it really should be.”

DJ takes note of K.O. Dahl’s The Fourth Man and finds it doesn’t quite work. “Men and masculinity play a large part in this crime story with slightly cynical lone rangers who neglect the rules, ´solve´ problems by means of cigarettes, alcohol and time off – or by watching aquarium fish. . . . this is a world in which men and women do not enter into equal relationships, and where they never really try to communicate with each other.”

Book Brunch notes that Stieg Larsson’s publisher, along with his brother and father, are establishing an award for a person or organization that exemplifies the same passion for social justice that Larsson did with his journalism. They also note that the film is doing great boxoffice business.

Which brings us to the trailer . . .

3 thoughts on “Friday linkout

  1. I admit “The Fourth Man” was not a favourite. I´d like to stress the fact that nothing was wrong with the plot or the tension, however, the tone was just too macho for me.

  2. Here’s an idea for that Larsson award: Eva Gabrielsson, Stieg’s partner for 32 years, who probably even helped craft the books, if my wife is any indication. Let’s see some justice here, Larsson family.

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