Redeemer reviewed

Marcel Berlins says good things about Jo Nesbo’s The Redeemer in The Times. “The Norwegian Jo Nesbo has been gradually climbing up the competitive league of Nordic crime writers. With The Redeemer he’s touching the summit, and his hero, the stubborn, insubordinate Oslo detective Harry Hole, has become my favourite copper from those parts. . . . Terrific shocks, tension and atmosphere.”

In The Independent, Jane Jakeman says of The Redeemer, “I will never feel happy confronting my vacuum cleaner now that Jo Nesbo has revealed its sinister possibilities.” She  finds it a complex and disturbing book, but too long and digressive for her tastes.

But Margaret Cannon of the Globe and Mail says it’s a “tour de force. Nesbo has a plot here that is so tightly constructed and compelling that it’s impossible to put the book down.”  She concludes,

What’s clever is just how the clues are dug up in a seemingly impenetrable case. There is no connection between the killer and the victim, no weapon and, of course, no discernible motive. How Hole uncovers the links in a chain of death is what keeps the story moving, and Nesbo never lets up on the truly gripping suspense. Absolutely Nesbo’s best translated into English so far, and, I expect, one of the year’s best.

Note to self: stop drooling on the keyboard . . .


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