review round-up

Scandlit reviews posts information about Yrsa Sigurðardóttir’s My Soul to Take and gives it two thumbs up.* The Bibliophile reports that Last Rituals is handy in the plotting department.

Maxine is a great fan of Karin Alvtegen as she explains at Petrona. Her newly translated book, The Shadow, only confirms it.  Reg Keeland also thinks highly of her work.

Kerrie thinks Kjell Eriksson’s The Cruel Stars of Night is a “good solid read” with interesting subplots.

DJ reviews Mari Jungstedt’s The Inner Circle (apa Unknown) and says it’s quite a lot like Läckberg- and the two authors, apparently, are close friends.

Exiled at the Beach thinks The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is pretty nifty.

Glenn Harper has no doubts: Redeemer is Jo Nesbo’s finest novel yet. And DJ agrees that it’s “a first class crime novel.”

* My mistake – this isn’t a review, actually, it is information from the publisher, who naturally gives it two thumbs up. And it says so, right there on the site: these aren’t reviews. Note to self: read the fine print!

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