review round-up and misanthropy to look forward to

Uriah (aka Norm) reviews Jo Nesbo’s Redeemer – “absolutely superb crime fiction” – which I am eager to read.

Peter Rozovsky comments on the music references in Redeemer, and what they say about change in a detective character who is maturing. He also points to an earlier instance of a music reference demonstrating how very funny some Scandinavian writers can be.

And if you think stuffed animals for characters was a one-off aberation in Scandinavian crime fiction which is otherwise straightforward realism, Karen Meek of Euro Crime points out a forthcoming translation of Unfun by Matias Faldbakken. The  summary bears repeating:

Using the dramaturgy of the rape/revenge flicks of the Seventies as a framework for his narrative, Faldbakken cooks up a grotesquely hilarious and challenging story about the crew around the online slasher game ”Deathbox”, at the center of which are the ’violence intellectual’ Slaktus and his former girlfriend and victim Lucy, an anarchist who embodies the horror film’s Final Girl trope. Problematizing concepts of oppression, freedom, and power in different contexts, Faldbakken lets Lucy meet out revenge on her oppressors in a narrative littered with references to popular culture, which bears Faldbakken’s trademark of being at once seriously disturbing and highly entertaining.

One decidedly unfun tradition for translations, however, is preserved here – we’ll get to read the third book in a trilogy first. But who can resist a trilogy titled “Scandinavian Misanthropy?”

And catching up on all the news that fit to feed – among FriendFeed friendsShots Magazine has an interview with Camilla Lackberg, Reg reports that Stieg Larsson won the Books Direct Crime Thriller of the Year award at the Galaxy British Book Awards, which apparently is called “the Nibbies.” CrimeFic Reader has more at It’s a Crime! (Or a Mystery). And Random Jottings has good things to say about Lackberg’s The Preacher, which she found a “tightly plotted, well thought out thriller” that was less morose than she expected from watching Branagh’s Wallander.

One thought on “review round-up and misanthropy to look forward to

  1. As a great fan of the three ‘Scandinavian Misanthropy’ books, I can say that you really have a lot to look forward to. However, ‘Unfun’ really is the least funny of the three – if it isn’t a book for you, you should still check out the other two books if and when they are translated.

    Especially ‘Macht Und Rebel’ is a brilliant book, and most of the time quite hilarious. Where ‘Unfun’ is focused on computer games, slasher movies and violence, ‘Macht Und Rebel’ is focused on nazism, underage sex (not pedophilia, but still underage sex) and the ideas and ways of life of the progressive political left in a modern Scandinavian welfare state. It is everything a good book should be; provocative, deep, philosophical and FUN.

    It is a brilliant book that really elevates Abo Rasul (pseudonym for Mattias Faldbakken) to the heights of a Scandinavian Houellebecq.

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