a lovely photo and some links

Bookwich has some wonderful portraits of a great many authors including (just scroll down a bit) a good one of Henning Mankell and a very dashing one of Klas Östergren. Her account of the conversation with Mankell is charming.  And in a previous post she has a lovely photo of him:

In fact, her entire blog is so good, I don’t know why you’re not reading it right now instead of this one.

Maxine reviews Johan Theorin’s The Darkest Room which she believes deserves wide acclaim:

… the author himself is a wonderful storyteller; one becomes totally immersed in his Oland world and in the lives and personalities of the superbly well-observed characters, major and minor. He is also a great plotter – the main stories as well as the minor ones weave in and out of each other: apparently small details in one story turn out to be highly relevant in another. He also has fun with the ghost-story concept, keeping the reader guessing as to whether he’ll pull a supernatural solution out of the hat or whether he can possibly create a down-to-earth explanation for all the disparate events. There is so much that could be said about this excellent novel, packed full of subtleties and stories, but my main advice is to read it and experience it for yourself.

Karen Meek makes me eager to see the film version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, which has trimmed the slow bits and made the most of the suspenseful ones. It will be released in the UK in the spring. Meanwhile, Norm, aka Uriah, who has a review of a Wallander TV episode, The Container Lorry,  has found a club in Malmo that doesn’t allow women with visible tattoos. It doesn’t sound like Lisbeth’s scene, anyway.

Finally, Reg, aka Steven, translator of Stieg Larsson and many other authors, points to a possible precursor to Lisbeth Salander.

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