delayed gratification

Maxine reviews The Vault (which is called Box 21 in Sweden and the US)  by Anders Roslund and Börge Hellström and says it’s brutal and very good.  (I liked it very much, too.) She says it is –

a compelling, fast-paced and fresh take on those well-worn staples of crime-fiction: the hostage drama and sex-trafficking. It is also a police procedural, told with relentless cynicism . . . The final pages of the novel leave the reader in no doubt as to the extent of the evil ramifications that can occur when people who should know better take matters into their own hands for their own reasons – but who cannot know the full story or understand (because of their personal involvements and weaknesses) the entire picture.

I thought it odd that no translator was named; Maxine wonders if perhaps the authors themselves translated it. Whoever it is – tack så mycket.

Peter’s Nordic Bookblog reports on Mankell’s new thriller, The Man from Beijing, which he says “shows Henning Mankell at the height of his powers, handling a broad historical canvas and pressing international issues with his exceptional gifts for insight and chilling suspense.” Lucky Peter was able to read it in the original while we wait for the translation.

Speaking of waiting – according to this morning’s Shelf Awareness , the top selling book at AbeBooks last month was The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. Given this bookseller’s marketplace is international, it’s quite possible the majority of those sales went to UK buyers. But it just underscores for me the nonsense of territorial rights in a world where reading knows no borders, and neither does shopping. (Incidentally, I notice there’s a copy signed by the translator going for $295. Wowsers.)

One thought on “delayed gratification

  1. Just finished the vault and was utterly gripped – great plot, great development. Felt very realistic and thoroughly understood/researched. It was such a page-turner that an soon as I finished it I ordered ‘The Beast’ from Amazon. Hope for much more from these 2.

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