thumbs up for two books and an arrgghh

Echoes from the DeadCaite at A Lovely Shore Breeze recommends Johan Theorin’s Echoes from the Dead. Here’s an excerpt from her excellent review:

The story is told in two time frames, the present, with Julia and her father perusing a mystery that has tentacles that reach far back into the history of the island and also with flashbacks to the story of Nils, from the time he was a boy, a creepy, evil little boy, and through the terrible misadventures of his angry, violent life. They are connected, in ways that will surprise the reader and endanger the lives of the characters in the present day searching for the truth.

As a mystery, it is an excellent story. The setting on the island of Oland, a sunny beach resort filled with visitors in the summer, cold and deserted and rather bleak in a beautiful way the rest of the year, is perfect. It seems that the author has, in real life, spent a good deal of time there and it is telling. As the story of a woman trying to heal both herself and her relationship with her father, it is totally believable and ultimately hopeful. Well, not quite as much when the author throws us the last, totally surprising twist at the end.

Jose Ignacio Escribano reviews Arnaldur Indridason’s Hypothermia, which he liked very much.

Although this book has a relatively simple plot it is superbly constructed and it is full of layers . . . I find it very difficult to explain why I like this book so much. Maybe because this is a book about sentiments and emotions. Sentiments and emotions are always very difficult to explain. All in all a fascinating book that makes a fascinating read. For me it is a very strong candidate to win the CWA International Dagger Award this year and, without question, one of the best books that I have also read this year. Indispensable. A must read.

Norm (aka Uriah) has finished the Scandinavian Reading Challenge and kindly posts all of his reviews in one handy place.

Karen held a couple of polls about the International Dagger and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest won both the “think will win” and “want to win” categories. Hypothermia was a close runner-up in the “want” category.

File under “AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!” Not only are they remaking a perfectly good movie, Variety reports “Sony hopes “Dragon” will launch a new franchise for the studio.” I want to reboot Sony and its franchise right down the stairs.

2 thoughts on “thumbs up for two books and an arrgghh

  1. Agree totally about Sony and remaking a fine film. I wonder what they will do to this story and characters. I dread to think.
    And, yes, “Hypothermia” is a very good book, quite emotional, quite sad. Indridason is definitely an excellent writer.
    I checked on the Web to see if there are more books about Erlander and there are. I hope they will be translated and available in the U.S.

  2. I have reviewed ECHOES OF THE DEAD, THE DARKEST ROOM, and HYPOTHERMIA on Murder by Type.

    I thoroughly enjoyed all three. It is interesting that the three have the same theme: within different stories there is the connection to life beyond the grave.

    HYPOTHERMIA uses the word literally and figuratively to tell a story about how a cold body causes the death of the human organs and a cold heart kills the warm bodies of those who need warmth from another human being.


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