The Killer’s Art and Killer Covers

This week, Stockholm Text launched the US publication of Mari Jungstedt’s The Killer’s Art. This volume in the Anders Knutas series was previously published in the UK back in 2010. Stockholm Text is doing some interesting things in bringing translations from Swedish to the English market. I was struck by the very different cover art.

Here’s the UK edition from Doubleday. It has clouds, trees, water – a moody outdoor scene.  Nothing unusual, really.

And here is the artwork that Stockholm Text came up with.

Killer's Art - cover

The new cover is striking and rather disturbing. The sculptural head seems to be simultaneously being formed out of molten red-hot metal and eaten away from below, as if by acid. It’s dark and moody, like the UK cover, but conveys a very different feel.

I had hoped to read the book in time to review it at its US launch, but life got in the way. Someday, I will see how well these covers match the story inside. Meanwhile, here are some reviews others have written of The Killer’s Art:






2 thoughts on “The Killer’s Art and Killer Covers

  1. Oh, I like those covers. I’m sorry to say I’ve not read this yet, so I don’t know which cover better reflects the story, but I like the first one better personally. Thanks for sharing, Barbara.

  2. Yikes! I much prefer the British cover. The other one would give me nightmares if I read it late at night. I’ll read the reviews to see if I want to read this book.

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