pardon the dust …

I’m making a few site changes here, trying to make this blog more readable by trying a new theme and putzing aound a bit with the layout and content. This is almost surely going to take a while, because I also need to update my listings of English translations which is perennially out of date. Sorry about the mess. But I hope you will like darker lettering – what’s up with all the gray letters on white backgrounds? Don’t know where that trend came from but I find it hard to read.


3 thoughts on “pardon the dust …

    • Thanks, June – I sometimes have trouble with light on dark, but I find your layout/look very readable. There must have been a memo that went out in the last couple of years saying “pale gray on white is the new thing” – but my eyes are getting older and they tell me “nope, doesn’t work.”

      • Thanks Barbara good to know it’s readable. Yes, I’ve had the same problem with some sites. “Cool”doesn’t work if the message can’t be read.
        Merry Christmas to you and yours

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