And another vote for …

. . . John Theorin’s debut, this one from Crimeficreader. I think it’s safe to predict this book will be making a big splash. Interesting that, like Steig Larsson’s Girl With the Dragon Tatoo, the story involves a cold case – and a rather similar one, with a child who went missing long ago from an island. But a great many mysteries from Scandinavia seem to deal with cold cases.

For writers like Arnaldur Indridason, it’s almost a necessity. When you set your series in a country that has a homicide rate so low that years can go by without a single homicide, you need to find realistic alternatives. But other writers are exploring the past through crime fiction. Certainly that’s happening in Norway, with the Nazi occupation and its reprecussions finding its way into works like Jo Nesbo’s Redbreast. (Come to think of it, fascist leanings that some held in Sweden during WW II surface in Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.)

UPDATE: yet another rave from offmytrolley. I am seriously bummed to have to wait until it comes out in the US. Except that I have huge piles of books that are demanding to be read.