Hot News from a Cold Country

Norm (aka Uriah) of Crime Scraps reports that Johan Theorin  has won Sweden’s best crime novel of the year prize.

But our Australian friends will be unhappy that Peter Temple, nominated for best foreign crime novel, lost to Andrea Maria Schenkel.

3 thoughts on “Hot News from a Cold Country

  1. I can’t believe that Peter Temple lost out to Andrea Maria Schenkel. I quite liked The Murder Farm, but there is no comparison with Temple, who is pure genius. (At least the publisher is the same in both cases, some consolation to them.) Peter Temple is just brilliant. For anyone who has not tried him, I recommend The Broken Shore to start with. If you like that, start on the Jack Irish novels. Bliss.

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  3. It might be, that Temple’s books are not so easy to translate. The German translation of Broken Shore for example wasn’t really good. Consequently some readers suggested that Temple isn’t a good author at all.

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